Derivate Projects

September 17th, 2011

GeeXboX Side-Projects


  • OpenBricks: the embedded cross-compilation toolchain that powers GeeXboX.
  • Enna: the Enlightenment-based Media Center interface
  • libplayer: a multimedia A/V framework designed to drive multiple media players (MPlayer, Xine, VLC, GStreamer) with a single API.
  • libvalhalla: a media scanning library that extracts as much metadata information as possible and stores them into an SQLite database.
  • libdlna: reference DLNA protocol implementation library
  • libnfo: a tiny library to parse and write NFO media information.
  • uShare: a UPnP A/V and DLNA compatible media server.

Derivative Projects

These projects have taken the GeeXboX codebase as a starting point for their programs. These are not supported by the GeeXboX team.

  • GeeXboX for Wii: an unofficial port of GeeXboX 1.x distribution to Nintendo Wii.
  • OpenELEC: a fork of GeeXboX.
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