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Systemd sample in geexbox (inadyn)

Inadyn is a package allow to update your IP address in a remote DDNS service. Many internet providers give you a random IP address each connection. So, if you need to access to your network, you can’t know your current IP address. Luckly, it exists few free web service that map a alphanumeric name with your current IP address. using the name for accessing to your network you can’t know your current variable IP address.

Iandyn is the package that allow to update remote DDNS service.

For running inadyn with systemd you need 2 files:


Description=Inadyn a Simple Dynamic DNS client




# Basic configuration file for inadyn
# /etc/inadyn.conf
–username <Your_username>
–password <your_password>
–update_period 60000
–alias <your_alias>
–log_file /var/log/inadyn.log

In conf file you need to replace username, password with your data for login in DDNS remote website and alias with your choosen alphanumeric name ( something like, …). You can optionallly change update_period in millisenconds so 60000 milliseconds are 60 seconds between each update.

Service file is divided in section. In Unit section you have a description of the service. In Service section you have the command executed for start the functionality (in this case remote DDNS update) and in Install section you have prerequisite package for install.

Other info

Systemd project page, here.


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