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    Hi guys,

    Downloaded the Geexbox, and I was amazed by the ease and quality of the media center, but the problem is it does not detect the TV when I connect it through HDMI.

    I googled this, but coudn’t find an answer. All I found was related to editing a xorg.cong file, but where can I find this file and what to edit?  The tv is a Panasonic GT30, my video card is the Nvidia Geforce G210M and I downloaded the 64 bit geexbox (installed in a usb pen, with persistent file).

    Any help would be appreciated.





    install the nvidia drivers

    for xorg.conf , you need to create it yourself (a minimal conf exist if you nstall the nvidia drivers)



    What nvidia drives are you referring to? I thought the Geebox 2 release already included the nvidia drivers.

    In Geebox, at system info, it states Nvidia Driver 3.3.0 280.13, and also the model of my nvidia card (G210M).

    And how can I create or edit the xorg.conf, there is none in the USB drive. There is a big file named roofs, but how can I open it to edit the xorg.conf?

    I must confess I feel a little dissapointed with this Geebox Media Center. What’s the point of having a PC based media center if you can’t connect it to a TV?



    sorry, i guess you used a devel iso

    please, have a try with a devel iso :

    choose the latest one

    Maybe the problems comes with nvidia driver,

    you only have your tv attached to your pc, nothing else ?



    Ok, i installed the devel iso (r14744), and this time I get output to the TV, but the problem is the resolution is too low, and everything is pixelated. And if I change the resolution the image only gets worse, and the window goes out of bounds.

    So I installed the nvidia driver (xf86-video-nvidia_295.53-1_x86_64.opk) but as soon as I reboot, then I have the same situation: no hdmi output to the TV (1920×1080).

    There are others distros out there that I tried and have hdmi output (ex: Linux Mint, Zen Mini, Dreamlinux). So why those drivers work and this doesn’t?





    Can you post the result of command line




    Im new to geexbox and linux . I have a mini pc with a nvidia dvi and vga on my gc. I have a adapter going from dvi to hdmi and i cant seem to get the audio and video to work together had to use it with vga. Do i need special drivers for the gc to use an adpater to hdmi for use? I know on my hd radeon 4870 i had to dl some drivers.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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