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    When I turn on GeeXboX I’ve got these mount points:

    /mnt/SATA Disk #1 GeeXboX (0)

    /mnt/SATA Disk #2 Maxtor_6V320F0 (0)


    And I also have this symlinks:

    /root/mnt/SATA_Disk_1_GeeXboX_0 -> /mnt/SATA Disk #1 GeeXboX (0)

    /root/mnt/SATA_Disk_2_Maxtor_6V320F0_0 -> /mnt/SATA Disk #2 Maxtor_6V320F0 (0)


    And also these ones!:

    /root/mnt/SATA_Disk_1_GeeXboX_0/SATA Disk #1 GeeXboX (0) -> /mnt/SATA Disk #1 GeeXboX (0)

    /root/mnt/SATA_Disk_2_Maxtor_6V320F0_0/SATA Disk #2 Maxtor_6V320F0 (0) -> /mnt/SATA Disk #2 Maxtor_6V320F0 (0)

    /SATA Disk #1 GeeXboX (0) -> /mnt/SATA Disk #1 GeeXboX (0)


    With all these recursive symlinks, each time the system scans the library it gets into an infinite loop, untill system hangs. How could I avoid creation for all these links? They’re needed for something?


    Thank you very much and best regards,

    Xavier ROmero



    Maybe a problem with automountd daemon. Looking at this



    I had this same problem and I just deleted all the links and did a clean library.

    After that the scanning of the library worked like a charm again!



    didn’t get the time so far …

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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