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    Hello all together,

    a couple of years ago I just tried GeeXboX, but there was no need for me. Now I would like to have a really good solution.

    My problem is that our house has more LAN sockets (in every room) than aerial sockets for television.

    So I would like to use a GeeXboX PC with TV Card (PCI or USB?) and a xbmc android remote control as a central TV server.


    1. Can I stream the TV signal via LAN to an television?
    What hardware do I need on top? Transmitter from LAN to HDMI?

    2. Will the xbmc remote control be enough? Can I switch the TV channels with it or do I need the rc of the TV card?

    I am an absolute beginner in this kind of “technology”.

    Many thanks and kind regards

    the “Stevie”





    1) using tvheadend, no problem. that’s how I use geexbox (a dedicated server to build geexbox, record tv, nfs shares, etc and a small pc connected to tv using geexbox) Any hardware supported by linuxtv should work.

    2) you can control xbmc using a vitual remote , a rc remote,  or  it exists a specific application for android (see documentation)



    Just to throw my .02 in, the remote i have on my iPod (cringes and wishes for android device again) works just fine and dandy. makes easy to navigate from the couch, and i havent found a limitation yet of it.



    I use 3 years only wireless mouse . No need remote http acces. But my grandmother  use some Mini Wireless htpc keyboard with built in Touchpad. But first read this here:

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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