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April 27th, 2013

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    I just managed to install geexbox on a Cubox pro.  For some of my movies the video looks like it’s playing in fast forward mode.  The audio is normal speed but skips.  I tried playing with video and audio settings under system but it doesn’t make any difference.  I am running XBMC on other platforms (ATV2, Mac) and these videos are running fine.  I am running the latest build of geexbox (April 26?) since it’s the only thing that would install through the installer.

    I usually run all videos I have trough Handbrake and use the same setting all the time (apple TV 2).

    Any advice on fixing this?





    do you have  a sample we can test ?

    20130426 is the latest one, I don’t know why you can’t install others …



    I re-ran some videos through handbrake and changed the video setting from Variable frame rate to a Constant frame rate of 23.976 fms.  This looks like it fixes the sync issue on the Cubox.

    It looks like all the files that are giving me problems have been encoded with variable frame rates.  If I look in the information screen when playing them, I see up to 40 frames per second during playback which makes the video run too fast.

    I guess it’s not an issue on the other systems but that is an issue with the Cubox.  I will try to post a sample video with the problem.





    Thanks fredk, you can send me a link at my private email address my-nick @


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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