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    This is the third time I lost my XBMC configuration. Last time, I had a backup, but restoring it didn’t work.

    How can the config be lost? I sometimes have total freeze of XBMC, and have to hard reboot the machine, but the config is not lost in this case. Yesterday, I shut it down the correct way, and this morning, no config anymore.

    About the XBMC freeze, is there a way to restart it from console, without rebooting the machine?




    restarting xbmc from command line :

    systemctl restart xbmc

    if it doesn’t work :

    kill -9 `pidof xbmc.bin`

    you use persistent data via casper-rw file ?



    Thanks for the restart commands! I think I will bind a key to it…

    No, I don’t have casper_rw file. I have to admit that I didn’t understand how it works, and when it is needed. Does it improve persistence?

    My install is a standard install, but I use a flash drive, which is seen as a normal hard drive.



    casper-rw is used when booting from usb-stick using rootfs file, not a full install.

    If you use a full install , no need of this.

    does you directory /root/.xbmc exist when you encounter the problem ? do you have sme files ?



    Yes, .xbmc/ dir is still there. As said, I once retored a backup, but it didn’t work. So I guess the problem is elsewhere. Something hidding my config…

    What are sme files?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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