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    I own a Dell Inspiron 1545 that recently I formatted (I am writing from my phone) for GeeXbox because of how much support it has with hardware like my external USB sound card, only to find out it doesn’t work with my Dell wifi card that has a Broadcom b43 chipset. I mean it reads it & tries to connect for a split second but won’t connect with everything setup correctly on my router & the system itself. I’ve even went into the VT and edited the last part to say true. It just doesn’t work with my 2wire AT&T router. Can anyone help me even though I’ve tried everything that’s already on the forums? There’s a eth0, a eth1 (although I don’t own another Ethernet connection), wlan0



    send system log:

    means: take the output of the journalctl command and send it via pastebin



    I decided to switch to XBMC & Windows Vista (original OS of my laptop) because I can use wifi on it & I can use OpenOffice if need be. Even though XBMC is unstable beyond belief I feel it is more compatible with my system just because of the wifi.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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