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    hi yea!, at first i would like to thanks you all guys involved in geexbox project, its fantastic app, from time i have it, im watching movies only with gb, almost w/o problems, at least for sd 😉
    but like in topic i downloaded latly few samples/trailers in hdtv, mov, xvid and x264 and all the time i have the same problem with all hdtv files; after start i hear sound for a half a sec, no video, and gb is going back to the menu. for sd movies everything works fine. im using gb 1.2.4, hdtv option (2.0 is very slow at my machine; ibm thinkpad t23, xga, 1,13ghz, 768mb ram, 16mb s3 video card)
    i dont know, maybe my notebook is just too old for hdtv… what do you think?

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