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GeeXboX 1.2.4: fix release

October 11th, 2009 No comments

Some commercial DVD decryption bug having been spotted out on GeeXboX forums, we had to fix it through this minor 1.2.4 release. In the mean time, you’ll be pleased to hear that 2.x development branch has been greatly stabilized recently and we should be able to provide the first alpha release by end of year.

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GeeXboX 1.2.3: fix release

July 10th, 2009 No comments

As it appeared that a nasty bug with some AC3 audio encoded files slipped through previous 1.2.2 release, here’s another minor release. No big changes here except from AC3 playback recovery.

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GeeXboX 1.2.2: features enhancement release

June 19th, 2009 No comments

A few interesting patches recently having been commited to 2.0 development tree, people on forum asked for backport of these on stable 1.2 release. So did we, adding a new key feature, with multi-threaded video decoding support. Non IT people can see this as a way to finally make use of their brand new multi-core CPU systems providing parallelized treatment. And the results are pretty good, with a 1.8x video decoding speed boost on Core2Duo and 3.0x speedup with Core2Quad. It is now truely possible to actually decode 1080p HDTV streams on Linux.

As exciting as it may be, please however note that this is still an experimental feature (we’re probably the one of the first Linux distro to integrate it), that may cause undesired visual artefacts (in some very rare cases). In order to make use of it, you’ll have to explicitely enable it through ISO generator.

Detailed Changelog (relative to 1.2.1 release):

– Multi-threaded video decoding for MPEG-1/2/4 and H.264 codecs.
– Support for newly discovered DVD MovieProtect encryption method.
– Extended DVD CSS descrambiling capabilities.
– Removal of GOOM audio visualization (was causing too much troubles).
– Automount daemon enhancements.
– Upgrade of MPlayer and its set of codecs.

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GeeXboX 1.2.1: security-fix release

February 11th, 2009 No comments

While working on 2.0 development, we managed to find a few major bugs in 1.2 release codebase. There were a major flaw in installator which may (in some cases) lead to destroy your HDD’s MBR while trying to install to a removable USB key plus a few minor bugs with EeePC 701 frequency scaling and parallel port LCD driver support.
It is highly recommended that you use this new version instead.

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GeeXboX 1.2: ‘Broadcast simultaneously one year in the future’ edition

January 31st, 2009 No comments

Here we finally are. Today marks GeeXboX 1.2 release that was awaited for such a long time. This is a really important step for the project, being the very latest release from the 1.x series. The 1.2 took quite a long time to emerge but brought a lot of features, the most important ones being the x86_64 architecture support and the HDTV and widescreens optimizations through X.Org inclusion. We’ve also added a brand new tool, called Win32 installer that allows you installing GeeXboX to your current hard-disk without need of partitionning/formatting it again. Please feel free to browse Changelogs from all 1.2 beta releases for a complete list of changes.

So again, GeeXboX 1.2 is the last version you’ll see that relies on our original MPlayer OSD based blue screen user interface. Over the years (and especially last months), a lot of efforts have been made to work on the upcoming 2.x series, that will feature a complete rework of the UI, based on the ultra fast and shiny Enlightenment toolkit. We already have made very good progress on this nextgen architecture and the first 2.0-alpha1 release will probably be out in a few weeks for tests purpose.

Eager and impatient folks can have a look at exclusive screenshots of what 2.x interface will looks like. So just wait for a couple more weeks for this.

But let’s get back to 1.2. This is our very latest stable release and will stay so for quite a while, until 2.0 is fully ready for use. With this release, we’ve done our best to please everyone in order to provide you with best video playback experience and we hope it’ll keep on going.

Detailed Changelog (relative to 1.2-beta3 release):

– Upgrade to Linux
– Use On-Demand CPU frequency scaling policy.

– Upgrade X.Org ATI driver to 6.10.0.

– Fix VCD playback issues.
– Disable GOOM audio visualization, was sucking down CPU too much.
– Fix some TV card bad color effects.

– Simplify installator partitionning step.
– Unify disk install, using GRUB on USB devices too.

– Fix a mounting issue when 2 hardware devices have the same name.
– Add support for disks with no partition table (Ex: Win32 formatted USB keys).
– Add a Win32 utility that allows installing GeeXboX to your current hard-disk without need of partitionning/formatting it again.
– Add USB network drivers to emulate a NIC.
– Fix boot issue with several CD/DVD drives.

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GeeXboX 1.2-beta3

December 28th, 2008 No comments

Ok, beta2 was not the last one and here comes beta3 which is definitely candidate for 1.2 release. We’ve performed a huge amount of bug fixes in various area and were able to correct some long standing issues we had. Two major changes come with this release: a completely new automounter that now relies on D-BUS and HAL and the restoration of installer feature. So yeah, finally (it’s been time …), you should be able to install GeeXboX again, on both your HDDs and USB keys. Other parts of GeeXboX also welcomed a few changes, mostly regarding the player, that received a few fixes for AudioCDs, DVDs, AAC and RealVideo 9 playback.

Detailed Changelog (relative to 1.2-beta2 release):

– Upgrade Linux kernel to
– Rework of installator, now works fine with both HDD and USB installs.

– ATI Radeon driver upgrade.
– ATI Rage128 driver addition.

– Updated MPlayer to r28184 (provides native RealVideo 9 / RV30 decoder).
– Use FAAD2 for AAC decoding (fixes many audio playback issues).
– Fix CDDA/DVD playback issues.

– Add optional Samba server support.

– Complete rework of automounter, now based on D-BUS/HAL.
– Mounted disks names are now much more eloquent.
– Fix some disc eject issues.
– Add optionnal disc images (.bin, .iso, .img, .mdf, .nrg) mounter.
– Restore the old menu font.

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GeeXboX 1.2-beta2

December 14th, 2008 No comments

Here comes GeeXboX 1.2 second beta release. Thanks to your feedback on forums, we’ve been able to iron out a lot of nasty bugs from beta1. There’s no major changes in terms of features but the distribution is now much more stable, which is always a good thing. Most of the corrections took place at the driver level, as many people encountered some issues with hardware support. The few PowerPC users that still exist will also be pleased to know that we’ve manage to resurrect the port to this architecture (latest release was 1.0, more than 2 years ago).

We truely hope it’ll be the very latest beta release before 1.2 comes out. In the mean time, just test this one out.

Detailed Changelog (relative to 1.2-beta1 release):

– Upgrade Linux kernel to
– Massive firmwares support upgrades: fixes many driver loading issues.

– Update uClibc to 0.9.30.

– Restore PowerPC architecture support.

– Update X.Org server to 1.5.3.
– Add HAL support, X.Org now uses evdev/XInput to handle input devices: this provides a complete X.Org settings autodetection.
– Fasten X.Org startup.

– Upgrade MPlayer to r28089.
– Native RealVideo 10 decoder.

– Remove RadeonHD driver, use legacy ATI instead (should fix some X.Org ATI drivers issues).
– Upgrade Intel X.Org driver to 2.5.1

– Many UDEV related rules changes (should fix some legacy PATA devices driver loading issues).
– Fix LIRC Serial driver issues.
– Fixes some CD/DVD loading issues (bad fs was used on Video DVDs).

– Restore UPnP feature.

– Fix FBI Image Viewer loader.
– Various enhancements on info display menu.
– Many fixes to WebGUI.

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GeeXboX 1.2-beta1

November 1st, 2008 No comments

As usual, it took way longer than expected but there it is: GeeXboX 1.2-beta1. Why Beta release ? Honnestly, this version should now be pretty stable. However, too few tests have been done by users on forum recently and we wanted to confirm the good feedback we have before releasing the final 1.2.

So what has changed to take so much time ? As told at 1.1 release’s time, the major change is inclusion. This was a lot of work but this allows GeeXboX to fully support wide screens and all of the new HDTVs monitors. Everything is autodetected and configured and it should detect the best resolution that suits your monitor. Along with, come all of its video drivers. Say bye bye to VIDIX (as good as it was) and welcome XVideo. This brings video acceleration (but still no GPU offload) to nearly all video cards in the wild (whether it is Intel, nVidia, ATI, S3, SiS, VIA …).

Alos come many kernel and internal changes. The whole distributions is now modularized to best detect your hardware and load ony what is needed. Many drivers have been added and installation has been completely reworked for better usability.

This version also has been optimized for various platforms like EeePCs, EasyGate and bring official support of MacIntels computers. It also introduce a new port to x86_64 architecture which brings a small performance boost regarding to the 32bit edition.

Unless major bugs are encountered, you may expect the final 1.2 release to come pretty soon. In the mean time, the more you test this beta version and report bugs, the fastest it’ll be issued.

Detailed Changelog (relative to 1.1 release):

– X.Org 7.4 inclusion (default, change it with generator).
– Support for SMP and multi-cores.
– Update to Linux
– Update BusyBox to 1.11.3.
– Update to SysLinux 3.72.
– Use of initramfs instead of initrd.

– Update to GCC 4.3.2.
– Upgrade uClibc to 0.9.30-rc3.
– Upgrade glibc to 2.7.
– Use glibc as a default when building with X.Org.

– Port to x86_64 architecture.
– Port to PowerPC 64bit architecture.
– MacIntel support.
– Optimizations for EasyGate platform.
– Optimizations for EeePC 700.

– Update MPlayer to r27662.
– Enable ASS support.
– Add MonkeyAudio decoder.
– Add GOOM audio visualization.
– Fix for CDDA playback.
– Add TV selection menu.
– Add de-interlace filter for DVDs and TV streams.
– Use of keypad for DVDNAV controls.
– Add support for extended PLS netstream entries.
– Enhanced DVD Navigation Menu support.
– Fix somes issues with encrypted DVDs playback.
– Use per stream type configuration profiles.

– Add widescreens and HDTV screens support.
– Add X11 video acceleration for most graphic cards (Intel, nVidia, ATI, S3, SiS, VIA …).
– TV-Out is no longer available when booting with X.Org enabled.
– Some Intel VESA driver fixes.
– ATI VIDIX driver color fixes.
– Restore VIDIX support on PowerPC.

– X.Org hardware autodetection.
– Dozens of new WiFi, Ethernet, DVB … drivers supported.
– All drivers are now modularized (no longer built-in): only useful ones are actually loaded.
– Add kernel drivers auto probe and load mechanisms.
– Fix many PATA devices issues.
– Add support for 16bit PCMCIA cards.
– LIRC 0.8.4

– Upgrade to Samba 3.0.32 (better support for MS Vista shares).
– Add support for Plan9 network shares .
– Add NFS v3/4 support.
– Add PXE boot from Samba.
– Allow for defining static samba mounts

– Introduction of configurator: post-install reconfiguration utility.
– Use of libparted instead of old fdisk for disk partionning.
– Enhanced install to USB process.
– Provide faster boot methods for install to HDD.

– Add HDTV ( related new options and configuration settings.
– Add GOOM audio visualization settings tab.
– Add NFS shares configuration tab.
– Add static Samba shares configuration tab.
– Automatic packages download at ISO image compilation.

– Add AppleIR remote support.
– Add X10 RF MCE remote control support.
– Add ACPI multimedia buttons handling.
– Enhanced system information menu.
– Enhance VESA boot menu.
– Enhanced Web interface and better browser compliance.
– Add optional support for Video Disk Recorder (VDR).
– Use FeH image viewer instead of FBI.

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GeeXboX 1.1 : ‘Not a substitue for Human interaction’ edition

July 1st, 2007 No comments

Although development never stopped, more than a year has passed without any new official GeeXboX release. This new one is a really good candidate for your HTPC multimedia distribution choice. It comes with an improved hardware support, providing dozens of new drivers (a lot of new WiFi controllers, DVB card chipsets and new remote controls). It also comes with a massively upgraded and more stable MPlayer, which features native decoding of various audio/video formats/codecs that used to be available through non-free Win32 DLLs only (such as Windows Media Video, Flash …). Also, GeeXboX now has some decoding speed improvements (use of SSSE3 instructions from Core2Duos has been added) and the OSD menu has been completely rewritten to provide a lot of new attractives features. Oh, and did we mention ? It can plays decrypted EVO files from HD-DVD ?

While still working on version 2.0, the next version of GeeXboX (1.2) will come with some features that were requested for quite a long time. First, it’ll come in both 32 and 64 bits editions (second one is 15% faster). But more importantly, it’ll be first version of GeeXboX to come with a native HDTV screens support. So, just stay tuned, most of these features are already available, and 1.2 won’t take a year to come this time 😉 By the way, speaking about the future, we’re looking for a Sony PlayStation 3 to port GeeXboX to: that would make the best HTPC ever. Feel free to help us doing so 😉

But let’s get back to 1.1 release and just enjoy using it.

Detailed Changelog (relative to 1.0 release) :

– Update Linux to v2.6.21.3
– Upgrade BusyBox to v1.5.1
– Update uClibc to 0.9.29.
– Upgraded SysLinux bootloader to v3.20.
– Better CPU frequency scaling capabilities.

– Added optional support for GNU glibc 2.5 in toolchain for debugging purpose.
– Upgrade to GCC 4.1.2

– Upgrade to MPlayer SVN v23418.
– Added support libavformat demuxer in addition to internal libmpdemux.
– New native VC-1/WMV3/WMV9 video decoder (Windows Media Video).
– New native On2 VP50 and VP62 decoder (Flash video).
– New native lossless audio decoders for WavPack, TTA, and Shorten.
– Support for VC1 in MPEG-TS and MPEG-PS files (like HD-DVD and BlueRay ones).
– Support for EVO demuxing (HD-DVD file format).
– Added support for VP7 binary codec.
– Added binary extra codec (through Generator) for WMA Pro files handling.
– Added binary codec for VC-1 codec as the native decoder is not (yet) able to decode all samples.
– Support for audio stream switching in MPEG-TS/PS, Matroska and streams supported by libavformat.
– Support for audio stream switching between streams with different codecs.
– New native RTSP input (handles MPEG-TS over RTP only) for generic RTSP servers (like FreeboxTV) which deprecates Live555 usage.
– H.264 decoding speed improvements.
– SSA/ASS subtitle renderer.
– Added support for ICEcast netstreams.
– Radio is now handled direclty through V4L2.
– Support for 3GP, AAC, VDR and DVR-MS files.
– Added a new Preferences menu, with many new options to control audio streams, subtitles, colors and tweak all video parameters.
– Removed libdts, libmpcdec, libogg, libvorbis and libtheora, as deprecated by new MPlayer internal decoders/demuxers.
– Allows loading external subtitle files.
– Allows setting playback speed.
– Allow selection of radio Genres, and store each genre in a subfolder for easier discovery.

– Fix with VESA on i945 cards.

– Added support for IVTV based cards (such as Hauppauge PVR 150/250/350/500).
– Support for WPA encryption on WiFi cards.
– Added support for Broadcom BCM43xx WiFi chipsets (like Apple AirPort).
– Added Ralink RT61 and RT73 chipsets support.
– Added support for wireless TI ACX111 chipsets.
– Added support for MadWiFi-NG driver.
– Added support for ZyDAS ZD12x1 wireless chipsets.
– Added support for PVR USB 2 TV card.
– Added support for Rio Karma USB mass storage devices.
– Added support for USB soundcards.
– Fixed ATI USB mouse directional keycodes.
– Added Medion (also Aldi) X-10 OEM’d remote.
– Added support for Logitech UltraX Media remote.
– Added support for some USB to serial interfaces.
– Introduced new libata support in kernel for IDE disks support.
– Do no more force disks to 32bits I/O (crashes with CompactFlash over IDE).
– Much better autodetection of USB DVB devices.
– Support for more radio cards.
– Rework of DVB firmware loader.

– Support for IPv4 multicast (useful for RTSP streams).
– Added NdisWrapper support that allows using Win32 network (WiFi) drivers under Linux.
– Upgraded bftpd to version 1.8.4 and added new file /etc/ftp for FTP authentication.
– Updated Samba to 3.0.25, uses UTF-8 charset to mount shares and fixes some mount points handling issues.
– Allows Samba and NFS mounts to come up if the servers are brought up after geexbox boots up, by looping in the background.
– Added basic WebGUI implementation.

– Support for NDISwrapper driver loading.
– Added new tab to add extra files to generated ISO image.
– New generator option to set WiFi channel number.
– Support for Windows Vista.

– Removed deprecated non-working recorder/mencoder support.
– Added remote=/receiver= cheat codes in isolinux for easy change.
– Added menus in installator for selecting remote/receivers.
– Added support for various keyboard mapping (azerty/qwerty/qwertz)
– New makefile rules to build and play VMware virtual machines (make vmx; make vmx-play).
– Fixed QEMU/VirtualBox emulation.
– Add autoplay support for USB devices.
– Reworked internationalization files.
– Support for multiple languages in the same ISO image.
– Support for JFS file system.

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GeeXboX 1.1-rc2 released: (re)call for test.

March 1st, 2007 No comments

Thanks to your 1.1-rc1 testings, we’ve been able to fix out a lot of bugs from GeeXboX. It is now up to you to test this new release again. Once again, please test this version and report problems to the Forum . As usual, the more you’ll be to test it, the faster we’ll release 1.1.

Below are links to 1.1-rc2:
GeeXboX 1.1-rc2 ISO for i386
GeeXboX 1.1-rc2 ISO Generator for i386
GeeXboX 1.1-rc2 ISO for PowerPC
GeeXboX 1.1-rc2 ISO Generator for PowerPC
GeeXboX 1.1-rc2 Light Sources

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