SolidRun’s CuBox-i (starting from 45$ ONLY)

Proud of its long-term partnership with SolidRun, the GeeXboX team is announcing that support for new CuBox-i has started in our development tree. The CuBox-i is the new generation of CuBox MediaCenter. Keeping the same exiting specification than its old sister (the legacy CuBox), a 90g 5x5cm fully-connected box, the new i-series, features a tremendous Cortex-A9 i.MX6 SoC from Freescale with astonishing performances.

The i-series now comes in 4 different models, with variable network, CPU frequency, number of cores and memory size to exactly fit all of your possible needs, as presented on the table below:


Remember that development has barely started but our goal is to provide you with a complete GeeXboX-powered system anytime soon. As for the original edition, if you’re interested by this new exciting board and want to sponsor GeeXboX development, don’t hesitate to pre-order yours through our affiliate program.


3 thoughts on “SolidRun’s CuBox-i (starting from 45$ ONLY)”

  1. You’re right ! GeeXbox makes a great job for this box. Other community seem to be just present for the cubox.
    That’s why I use only GeeXbox 🙂

    But the cubox still have problem since first stable geeXboX.

    Rabeeh say that cubox1 support hd audio dts ma an dolby true hd and finally, the ship cannot support it !
    Does the new cubox support DTS Mastered and Dolby True HD ?

    And what cubox-i version does GeeXbox develloppers used for test ?

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