Introducing SolidRun’s CuBoX Partnership (EDIT: now 90€ only !!)

cuboxToday marks the new partnership between GeeXboX and SolidRun, the company manufacturing the CuBoX hardware.

GeeXboX HTPC distribution has been supporting this platform for quite a long time and is SolidRun’s has trusted our software to reveal their hardware’s true capabilities.

Priced at 89.99€ only, this 5 x 5 x 5 cm small box makes it the best possible HTPC ever for your living room.

With only 91g and less than 3W of power, GeeXboX allows you to play any 1080p video on your CuBoX.

Through our partnership program, SolidRun’s will provide 5% of the sale as a donation to the GeeXboX team.

So if you’re looking for a tremendous piece of hardware to fit into your living-room that is 100% supported by GeeXboX, this is your chance, here and now !!

The CuBox STB features the following technical characteristics:

  • Marvell Armada 510 ARMv7 SoC running at 800 MHz, with VFPv3 and WMMX SIMD instructions support.
  • Hardware 1080p Video Decode Engine
  • OpenGL|ES 2.0 graphic engine
  • HDMI 1080p Output (with CEC function)
  • 1GByte DDR3 at 800MHz
  • Gigabit Ethernet, SPDIF (optical audio), eSata 3Gbps, 2x USB 2.0, micro-SD, micro-USB (console)
  • Standard Infra-red receiver for 38KHz based IR controllers.
  • HDMI-CEC support (use your existing TV remote)



2 thoughts on “Introducing SolidRun’s CuBoX Partnership (EDIT: now 90€ only !!)”

  1. Hi,

    It’s good news. I hope that this partnership deliver a hardware decode. At this time there is no HD video which are really decode.

    Good luck for the dev, I’m waiting for a stable GeexBox on CuBox.


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