Pandaboard and Cubox : hd support on the road

here is a preliminary support for hd videos on Cubox board and omap4 pandaboard  :

links :

Latest devel snapshots are here :


5 thoughts on “Pandaboard and Cubox : hd support on the road”

  1. Hello !
    I tried this devel release on my Pandaboard.
    I was unable to play any video file, neither SD or HD. Maybe this is due to unsupported Samba video playback ? because I tried to read from a Samba share.
    Reading is OK on this share from another host.

    Logfile :

  2. @tomlohave
    I was unable to make it work with NFS too. It can find my NFS shares, but I can’t enter into (nothing happens).
    I have to check, maybe it is a bad server setting.

    I experienced another issue: if I boot the Pandaboard before tuning TV on HDMI input, then the screen stays black. It was not reproduced if I boot my board after tuning TV on HDMI input.

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