GeeXboX at Linaro Developer Summit

Linaro was kind enough to invite us to attend the recent Linaro Development Summit (colocated with Ubuntu Developer Summit in Budapest, May 9-13 2011). I showed off our latest developments during the Linaro Technical Showcase, demoing GeeXboX running on IGEPv2 (OMAP3), PandaBoard (OMAP4) and x86, with different media center frontends. I noticed that the view of XBMC smoothly running on PandaBoard drew a lot of interest from the public 🙂 There was also a contest: the GeeXboX demo was voted “2nd best”, and I went home with a couple of nice prizes… hopefully you’ll soon see GeeXboX running on the brand new Snowball board by ST Ericsson.

Thanks again to Linaro for sponsoring the trip and arranging an awesome conference and showcase!

We plan to release shortly the images used during the demo, so stay tuned 🙂


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