Linux 2.6.35 upgrade

So Linux 2.6.35 is barely out and has already been integrated to GeeXboX. We planned to stick on previous kernel but this one really has some major improvements. It came with many changes over ARM architecture and allowed us to get rid of an incredible number of patches for OMAP3 boards. Also it now supports upcoming OMAP4 boards which soon will be supported by GeeXboX too.

Last but not least, there was a major improvement over x86 Intel DRM drivers that now supports H.264 hardware video decoding for newest G45 GPUs. As a result, we also update our VA-API framework and enabled it within GStreamer and VLC players, providing hardware video decoding capabilities.

As for embedded space, one may also notice the introduction of DirectFB, an accelerated framebuffer interface that allow us to provide non-X support for some devices. Enna still has to be updated to take profit of that but this will open our media center to a bunch more devices.


3 thoughts on “Linux 2.6.35 upgrade”

  1. Hello
    I would be glade to have geexbox with the Kernel 2.6.35 for full support of ATI
    unfortunaly, the last version have the kernel 2.6.33
    so where is the version of geexbox wich inclide 2.6.35 as it is confirmed in this article? where can I find it?

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