How QT is that ?

Our new goal with GeeXboX is to get closer and closer to embedded systems and for that we’re currently reworking a lot of stuff to really feature a new-generation of cross-compilation framework. In a short amount of time, it’ll get very easy to generate a really customized embedded system by selecting various components as to build a fully customized distribution. In this purpose, QT has just landed in GeeXboX repository.

How QT/cute is that, huh ? Don’t get me wrong here, we’re still featuring Enna and it’s still relying on EFL, there’s no plan to change that. However, many people might be interested in developing QT-based applications and it is now possible. QT in GeeXboX is now in version 4.7.0-beta1 and features QML, the new scripting language one can use to easily create applications and I really have to say it works quite well. Current version runs through X11 only (though we may consider QWS support for very embedded systems using DirectFB) and uses OpenGL(|ES) when available. The OpenVG support is expected to come in the following weeks too.


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