GeeXboX has a new home

We’ve been working for quite a few time on it and it was expected for even much longer but the GeeXboX project now has a brand new website. The whole thing is much more “Web 2.0”-like (if it still means anything …) and will provide you much more interaction with the development team.

We expect to be able to use it as a blog engine and keep you posted of every significant change and steps in the project’s lifetime. In the mean time, you’ll also be able to comment and reply to our posts and share news through various social networks.

Hope you’ll all enjoy this new website 🙂


6 thoughts on “GeeXboX has a new home”

  1. You, guys, are doing a great job with eina. Providing a great UX experience. So why, the new geexbox’s website template is the same as the xbmc’s? Please use the same creativity you use on eina on your website.



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