GeeXboX 2.0-alpha2 release

It’s already been one month since 2.0-alpha1 release so here’s alpha2. This release fixes a lot of bugs that have been encountered by our users on this first 2.x series preview.

  • Normalize LIRC configuration by providing generic binding for each and every remote control.
  • Initial port to ARM architecture: stay tuned, it’s gonna be awesome news soon 🙂
  • Restoration of UPnP/DLNA feature with a brand new stack.
  • Restoration of internationalization support.
  • Upgrade of nVidia drivers: proprietary, legacy one and addition of Nouveau.
  • Add Kernel Mode Settings (KMS) for ATI/Intel/nVidia drivers.
  • Upgrade to Linux 2.6.33 kernel.
  • Fix LiveCD and Win32 installers, you can now install GeeXboX to disk again.
  • Fix OGG files playback issue.
  • Upgrade Enna to future upcoming 0.5.0 release, including hundreds of bug fixes and new features such as Weather enhancements, GeoIP localization, UPnP support, SHOUTcast and Podcast streaming.

Generator is still not yet ready for prime-time but we’re working on it. That said, feel free to download this new 2.0-alpha2 release. It had been made available for i386 and x86_64 computers. The light and full sources of this release obviously are available too.

You can also install it without further disk partitionning through the Windows installer.


5 thoughts on “GeeXboX 2.0-alpha2 release”

  1. support usb, bluetooth devices?

    how to install to HD under windows 7?
    compatible with windows 7 boot loader?
    require partitioning to start with?

  2. @williamwclee
    usb devices are supported. For bluetooth, there is some preliminary support but it’s disabled by default, you’d need to rebuild from sources to enable it.

    The Windows installer doesn’t require partitioning. I don’t know about Windows 7 compatibility, I can tell you for sure that it works with XP.

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