GeeXboX 1.2.2: features enhancement release

A few interesting patches recently having been commited to 2.0 development tree, people on forum asked for backport of these on stable 1.2 release. So did we, adding a new key feature, with multi-threaded video decoding support. Non IT people can see this as a way to finally make use of their brand new multi-core CPU systems providing parallelized treatment. And the results are pretty good, with a 1.8x video decoding speed boost on Core2Duo and 3.0x speedup with Core2Quad. It is now truely possible to actually decode 1080p HDTV streams on Linux.

As exciting as it may be, please however note that this is still an experimental feature (we’re probably the one of the first Linux distro to integrate it), that may cause undesired visual artefacts (in some very rare cases). In order to make use of it, you’ll have to explicitely enable it through ISO generator.

Detailed Changelog (relative to 1.2.1 release):

– Multi-threaded video decoding for MPEG-1/2/4 and H.264 codecs.
– Support for newly discovered DVD MovieProtect encryption method.
– Extended DVD CSS descrambiling capabilities.
– Removal of GOOM audio visualization (was causing too much troubles).
– Automount daemon enhancements.
– Upgrade of MPlayer and its set of codecs.

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