GeeXboX 1.2-beta3

Ok, beta2 was not the last one and here comes beta3 which is definitely candidate for 1.2 release. We’ve performed a huge amount of bug fixes in various area and were able to correct some long standing issues we had. Two major changes come with this release: a completely new automounter that now relies on D-BUS and HAL and the restoration of installer feature. So yeah, finally (it’s been time …), you should be able to install GeeXboX again, on both your HDDs and USB keys. Other parts of GeeXboX also welcomed a few changes, mostly regarding the player, that received a few fixes for AudioCDs, DVDs, AAC and RealVideo 9 playback.

Detailed Changelog (relative to 1.2-beta2 release):

– Upgrade Linux kernel to
– Rework of installator, now works fine with both HDD and USB installs.

– ATI Radeon driver upgrade.
– ATI Rage128 driver addition.

– Updated MPlayer to r28184 (provides native RealVideo 9 / RV30 decoder).
– Use FAAD2 for AAC decoding (fixes many audio playback issues).
– Fix CDDA/DVD playback issues.

– Add optional Samba server support.

– Complete rework of automounter, now based on D-BUS/HAL.
– Mounted disks names are now much more eloquent.
– Fix some disc eject issues.
– Add optionnal disc images (.bin, .iso, .img, .mdf, .nrg) mounter.
– Restore the old menu font.

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