GeeXboX 1.2-beta2

Here comes GeeXboX 1.2 second beta release. Thanks to your feedback on forums, we’ve been able to iron out a lot of nasty bugs from beta1. There’s no major changes in terms of features but the distribution is now much more stable, which is always a good thing. Most of the corrections took place at the driver level, as many people encountered some issues with hardware support. The few PowerPC users that still exist will also be pleased to know that we’ve manage to resurrect the port to this architecture (latest release was 1.0, more than 2 years ago).

We truely hope it’ll be the very latest beta release before 1.2 comes out. In the mean time, just test this one out.

Detailed Changelog (relative to 1.2-beta1 release):

– Upgrade Linux kernel to
– Massive firmwares support upgrades: fixes many driver loading issues.

– Update uClibc to 0.9.30.

– Restore PowerPC architecture support.

– Update X.Org server to 1.5.3.
– Add HAL support, X.Org now uses evdev/XInput to handle input devices: this provides a complete X.Org settings autodetection.
– Fasten X.Org startup.

– Upgrade MPlayer to r28089.
– Native RealVideo 10 decoder.

– Remove RadeonHD driver, use legacy ATI instead (should fix some X.Org ATI drivers issues).
– Upgrade Intel X.Org driver to 2.5.1

– Many UDEV related rules changes (should fix some legacy PATA devices driver loading issues).
– Fix LIRC Serial driver issues.
– Fixes some CD/DVD loading issues (bad fs was used on Video DVDs).

– Restore UPnP feature.

– Fix FBI Image Viewer loader.
– Various enhancements on info display menu.
– Many fixes to WebGUI.

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