Ever dreamed of a pictures wall … ?

Evas (Enlightenment canvas toolkit) is an extraordinary library and one of its awesome feature is being extremely fast to load and render objects, like pictures. As a result, that’s one of the reasons why we’ve choose it for Enna. But let’s see what can be done with it :-)

You’ll find below an example of what Enna’s pictures viewer will look like in a few weeks. No need for you to grab latest development tree to do the same, it’s not yet committed. We’ve tried to think at the best and more natural way for one to browse within its photo collection and considered it was pretty useless to have them sorted by name (after all, they are all named DSCNxyz or whatever your camera save them …) and, more important, the following render just kicks ass, and that’s all that really matter. Hopefully, Nicolas Aguirre, Enna’s creator, master Evas like no one does. Lets just see what he can do:

Isn’t that just beautiful ? One can scroll between the various using the arrow keys or mouse and the whole directory is rendered as a large single wall of pictures that you can horizontally slide on (and pretty fast and smoothly). Alos, for the record, the display was generated from a 120 MB directory of pictures and it was loaded in a second. Pretty fast, huh ?

Let’s conclude with this picture wall dream with a real time video preview (though video capture is too slow to show you the image viewer smoothness).

The whole thing is just a mockup right now but is soon to be included within Enna. Of course, it also lacks of a few things like fullscreen display of the selected picture and, why not even add the possibility to display a panel with picture’s EXIF info or description ?


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