Introduction to Enna Media Center

Today’s news aims at introducing you to Enna Media Center. Enna is a software originally designed and created by Nicolas Aguirre. It consists of a nice UI based around Enlightenment E17 librairies (Evas, Ecore …) and will be part of the latter one the time has come. Its purpose is to implement all the necessary features to act as a Media Center. The E libs are a very fast and powerful canvas framework that runs on multiple platforms, both using framebuffer and Xserver/OpenGL video output.

Although the project is quite young and not mature, it has been chosen to be GeeXboX v2.x user interface. I know, the oldest fanboys already heard that so many times … There used to be MPUI, an MPlayer based UI, then came OMC (Open Media Center) which already was based on E17, and then came the Freevo thing (both SDL and E17 based) but which was overbloated and nearly not cross-compilable due to Python writing. But this time it’s for real, Enna will be GeeXboX’s future. The best proof is that Enna is now hosted on server instead of

If you wanna have a try to Enna and get invovled with development, you can safely grab the sources using Mercurial, as for any other GeeXboX project:

hg clone

As previsouly explained, Enna is still quite young and thus lacks of many features. Though, basic ones are already implemented and we have a minimalistic audio/video player interface as you can see on screenshots below:

Once configuration file has been set, it is already possible to browse your local disks content. A “library” module is already included using the Light Media Scanner project that builds a database of all your medias to be sorted by type, album name, band name and so on … Part of a SHOUTcast module also has been written but it can only list WebRadios right now (no playback). Next screen shows you audio playback. As you can see, it has cover display support (whether they are local image files or grabbed from and ID3 tags retrieval feature.


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