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GeeXboX weekly news: developers blogs …

August 19th, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Surrending to the blog’s trend and due to both the lack of releases and massive user/fanboys spam regarding project’s enhancements, a few GeeXboX developers have decided writting their own blogs to relate about project’s evolution. Lack of manpower resulted in homepage not being updated, but development never has stopped and development releases are regularly provided on user forum. While the 1.2 release of GeeXboX still suffers of some nasty bugs to be released, interested people can subscribe to RSS feeds (or simply visit) the following blogs. They’ll try to keep you updated on GeeXboX related projects enhancements, including of course GeeXboX Media Center OS, but also uShare, libdlna, libplayer and Enna. Stay tuned folks …

Ben’s Blog
Mat’s Blog

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