GeeXboX 2.x technological preview: what a surprise !

Xmas passed away and no new GeeXboX release came out this year. It’s a bit sad but we were focusing on next generation architecture which delayed a bit the 1.x serie development. You may however expect some 1.1 release any time soon, with it’s usual set of improvements. Time has come now to let you discover our very first technological preview of GeeXboX 2.x series.

Some of you may have heard about MPUI years ago, or OMC/libplayer a bit earlier this year but both approaches went down. The decision has been taken to make use of Freevo 2.0 (still work in progress, but so is GeeXboX 2.x) and Kaa, its multimedia framework as our new UI reference. As a consequence, many new packages had to be added (such as Python) to our distribution. In a near future, GeeXboX and Freevo projects will be more tighten than ever, and we should be the official Freevo LiveCD, still keeping in mind our embedded and easy-to-setup approach. Unfortunately, ISO grew up radically (it is now 20 MB) and so does RAM usage (at least 128MB is now mandatory).

But, as a development version, don’t take it too seriously, it’ll still change ’till the final release. If you want to have a try at this technological preview, just grab the GeeXboX 2.x 2006-12-31 ISO and burn it to a CD or try it through VMware or so. Don’t look for a generator or try to install it on disk, it is not yet meant for. Don’t expect it either to be fully functional, it’s still full of bugs and isn’t meant to replace the official 1.x serie anytime soon. Right now, it can be controlled through keyboard only (arrow keys and Enter/Escape) but should already be able to let you watch some videos, play audio files or view various pictures. Well, that’s said, here are some screenshots, just for you to know what to expect from 2007 😉

Happy new year from all the GeeXboX team members …


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