GeeXboX 1.0-rc1 ‘Happy Birthday’ Development Release

Today is just a special day. Thanks to you all, our baby boy now celebrates his 3 years old birthday. It’s been quite a while since the first GeeXboX public release and for the few of you that use it since the 0.90-1 release, you can for sure see how much has been done and much more than just a media player GeeXboX now is. We’ve actually planned for quite a long time to make this day the special moment of the 1.0 major release but unfortunately you’ll have to wait a couple of days more to discover this 1.0 final version. The reason is quite simple, first we aimed at featuring MPlayer 1.0pre8 which is not yet out and second we still have a couple of things to be tested out and maybe (probably ?) fixed in order to provide you a much better version of GeeXboX.

Your goal now is quite simple, just try it out the most you can and help us hunting for these nasty bugs in order to fix the most of them. As an unofficial release, you won’t get any ChangeLog but don’t worry, you’ll be provided a complete one with the incoming 1.0 release. Remember that it’s just a matter of a couple of days before the final version and the more you’ll help us testing this version, the sooner we’ll be able to provide you the new version.

Once again, happy birthday GeeXboX, thanks to you all for using it and we’ll really hope you’ll keep on doing it 😉

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