WebServer Migration

As you may have seen last month, we were encountering some hosting issues. Fortunately, many of you have helped us handle this problem. We now have a new sponsor (special thanks to Hosting365.ie ) who have granted us with a new dedicated webserver with unlimited bandwidth which will host the GeeXboX project for at least the whole of 2006. The new server is now up and running fairly well. We also have received a lot of mirroring proposals which will let us provide your with more ways to get GeeXboX (you can still be a mirror if you’re interested, please check the donations page). Thank you very much to the following hosts that currently mirror our website :

* Free / ProXad – Paris, France
* Zyrianes – Brest, France
* RelouFR Networks – Paris, France
* MirrorGeek – Austin, Texas, USA


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