GeeXboX 0.98.6: Bigger, Longer, Uncut …

Long time folks since latest release, but now, things will change a bit. Today, the GeeXboX team is proud to introduce you its new release : the 0.98.6 edition. Even if it looks the same, the changes are numerous (see the list above). This release also introduces the opening to new architectures, with the first support of GeeXboX for PowerPC architecture. Yes, you’ve read well, you’re now able to use GeeXboX on both your PC and Macintosh. This latest is still in beta stages so we need you all to test it.

A lot of work still need to be done on GeeXboX on we’re working hard each days to compete with the best proprietary solutions to give you the most we can. Interested developers and translators are fully welcomed to help us with this task. Anyhow, spoken enough, lets show you what this 0.98.6 edition features :

Detailled Changelog (relative to 0.98.5 release) :

System :
– Support for the PowerPC (MAC) architecture.
– Linux updated to version.
– Use of UDEV to automatically populate the /dev directory.
– Remove of the now useless SuperMount patch.
– Use IDE CD driver instead of the old ide-scsi emulation layer.
– Support for CPU frequency scaling for supported CPU (generally laptops) to minimize power consumption.
– Use LZMA algorithm instead of gZip for compressing iso (far slighter).
– New HotPlug script : hot autodiscovery and mount/removal of external devices.
– Reduce CD drives spin to 8x each time a disc is inserted in (previous versions did it for boot media only).

Toolchain :
– Complete rework of the sources tree (splitted init.d scripts and patches now are in package’s directory, allowing a successfull build of old versions).
– Toolchain can now build distribution for different architectures.
– Toolchain can now optimize distribution compilation for specific CPU.

Player :
– Updated MPlayer to 1.0pre7 (support for H.264 video and AAC audio codecs).
– Can play IFO files from disk to read complete DVD structure.
– Keep current path in OSD after the end of a file (no more need to do a complete browse each time you play a file).
– Use cvidix video output mode instead of vesa:vidix by default.
– Support for radio cards.
– Support for FLAC files.
– Support for MusePack codec (.mpc files).
– Avoid some crashes when pausing/resuming a movie with remote control.

Audio :
– ALSA drivers ported to 1.0.9b
– Fix some SPDIF configuration problems.
– No more need to force sound rate for reluctant sound cards.
– Can choose which soundcard to use (default is #0), output mode (SPDIF or Analog) and AC3/DTS decompression method (Hardware or Software) through the ISO generator.
– Added drivers for Emu10k1X chipsets, SB Audigy LS and SB Live! 24bit cards.
– Fix some ALSA bug with Nforce2 chipsets.
– Support for Intel High Definition Audio (Azalia) chipsets.

Video :
– Removed buggy Savage vidix driver (works fine using VESA).
– Fix vidix support for some Rage128 / Radeon cards.
– More chipsets supported by atitvout : Mobile M3, Radeon Mobility, Radeon Mobility 9000, RV200.

Drivers :
– Support for QStor SATA controllers.
– Use GPL’d RT2500 driver instead of Ralink one.
– Support for CX88 analog TV chipsets (BT8xx successor).
– Support for in-built multi-LUN X-in-1 card readers.
– Support for XboX gamepads.

Networking :
– Security fix : FTP / Telnet / HTTP services (anonymous root) are closed by default : use generator to open requested ones.
– Support for the CIFS protocol.
– Can setup network and Samba configuration directly through installator.
– Samba updated to 3.0.14a.
– Can manually set DNS server to use.
– Faster Samba shares mount (parallelize mount processes for multiple servers).

Internationalization :
– Use TrueType fonts for subtitles.
– Use UTF-8 as default charset.
– Support for different charsets for menu and subtitles.

Miscellaneous :
– LIRC updated to 0.7.2.
– Support for the DigiMatrix remote controller.
– New FLTK graphical ISO generator for both Win32 and Linux.
– Added analog TV channels scanner in installator.
– Added HTTP server for remote Web management of GeeXboX : web designers are fully welcomed to build the Web interface ;-).
– Non-free codecs package is now directly available on our server.

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