GeeXboX 0.98.5

Ho ho ho … here comes a new GeeXboX release. As a tradition, many free software projects have decided to release on Christmas, so do we (with a little bit delay, just to be original :-). So, here’s our gift to you to end up with 2004 : GeeXboX 0.98.5 !! Hum what … you’ve said 0.98.5 ? Man … where’s 0.99 ?

As we said before, the 0.99 release will come with a completely new interface (you can have a look at our Work in progress page ), which is not yet completely finished. But 4 monthes have last since last release and many work has been done from this date. You probably won’t notice any big differences in terms of functionnalities by comparison to the old 0.98 release. The reason of it is quite simple : we did a major rewrite of our code, build toolkit and all major packages and there were that much deep changes that we needed to make some new release before adding the new interface.

We really want to thank Amir Shalem who officially took his place to the GeeXboX development team few monthes ago and who made a huge part of this rewrite of GeeXboX. Many thanks to him.

So, please use our last GeeXboX. Do not consider it as a revolution, it isn’t. Please see it as an up-to-date release of the old 0.98 : coming with its new kernel, updated player and codecs, with a better support for video cards and better handling of fonts and languages and with an easier than ever way to install it on disk.

We hope you’ll be enjoyed by this release, wish you an happy new year and hope you’ll keep using GeeXboX in 2005 🙂

Detailled Changelog (relative to 0.98 release) :

System :
– Switch to Linux kernel 2.6.9 (say goodbye to 2.4 series).
– Switch from Linux Progress Patch to BootSplash as a splash screen.
– Switch to uClibc CVS.
– Switch to Samba 3.0.10

Player :
– Switch to the new MPlayer 1.0pre6 (thanks for the Xmas present guys) : see its complete ChangeLog for more details.
– Support for video Post Processing : features horizontal and vertical deblocking, deringing effects and auto luminance (disabled by default).
– Use of a 24 bits per pixel display depth.
– Playback speed increased with certain hardware (fewer CPU needed).

Drivers :
– Switch to the latest ALSA 1.0.7 drivers and librairies.
– Fix bugs with some audio chipsets (the output sound rate is now automatically adjusted to its best value).
– Increased VESA compliance (hey we now supports 3Dfx and Intel i845/855/865 cards too !!)
– Vidix support for EPIA MII boards (CLE266 revision) and S3 Savage chipsets.
– Removed useless DirectFB drivers (as they were only used by 3Dfx cards, which are now supported in VESA mode).
– Added WiFi drivers for RaLink rt25xx chipsets.
– Removed drivers for ACX100 chipsets (need proprietary firmware to work).
– Support for more ISA network adapters.

Internationalization :
– Better menu fonts and subtitle fonts handling.
– Support for asian fonts.

Miscellaneous :
– Support for TV-Out on Intel i810/i815 cards.
– Added new options to our win32 generator (even easier to use now).
– Complete rewrite of the installator : it now uses GRUB as the main bootloader. It also has support for both FAT16/32 and EXT2/3 partitions to install GeeXboX to. Besides, there’s no more need to install GeeXboX on first primary partition. And, to end up with this, it features an autodetection of other installed OS and installs a multiboot if requested.
– Complete rewrite of the build toolkit (you should now be able to build GeeXboX from sources on every kind of GNU/Linux distro or from FreeBSD). It also features more optimization and an easier way to add new packages to the distro, following the toolkit rules.


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