Help with GeeXboX development: try devel releases

Almost 2 months have passed since GeeXboX 0.98 was released. Lots of work has been done since then. For example, we’re now supporting the Linux 2.6 kernel series and many improvements have been made to the video output. It now fully supports the VESA 3.0 specification, adding a new support for all 3Dfx and Intel i845/i855/i865 cards and chipsets. Also, pictures are now rendered using 24 bit depth.

We’re now almost finished with the architecture changes we’ve planned to do for 0.99 release, and we can finally start to work on a complete rework of the menu interface. To give you a taste of the future of GeeXboX, you can simply have a look at our Work In Progress page . Currently it’s only a snapshot of the coming 0.99 and to provide you with such a perfect release as soon as possible, we need you to test our development release and report to us as many bugs as possible.

We’ll try to release as many development versions as we can. In each release we would add significant changes. So, if you want to help us, please try our development release here page . Please understand that they are snapshots of a work in progress, meaning that they can not be considered as stable. If you want to be sure to use a stable release, keep using the 0.98 release.


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