GeeXboX 0.98

Here comes the GeeXboX again. This 0.98 edition is a key point in our roadmap. This does not really come with many new features (or some new useful things) but fixes a huge number of annoying bugs. Most of all, this release will probably be the last time you see GeeXboX in its current state. We have plans to work harder than ever to bring you new OS, like you’ve never seen, still keeping it as simple to use as it ever been. So just stay tuned 🙂

Ok, back from the future, lets give you details about the current release. Here’s what you’ve been waiting for :

  • Switch MPlayer to 1.0pre5
  • Fix for key delay with ATI Remote Wonder.
  • Better WiFi support and drivers for RT2400 and ACX100 chipsets.
  • Better support for FTP file transfer.
  • Disk free space information is now available in the menu.
  • Added player control through joysticks (all USB models and Microsoft SideWinder on traditional gameport).
  • Added support for SPDIF (digital) sound output.
  • Better support of WideScreen (16:9) displays and fix the TV-Out norm (PAL/NTSC) with DXR3 cards.
  • Added support for software decoding of DTS audio streams.
  • Autodetection and autoplay of the the longest available DVD title (should be the right one, i.e. the one containing the main movie).
  • Added a GeeXboX’s generator Debian’s package building script.
  • Fixed some compilation compatibility issues with distributions other than Debian (i.e. should work pretty well under Mandrake 10 and Fedora Core 2).
  • Added a chapter selector for DVDs and Matroska files.
  • Fix the TV-Out problem with nVidia cards : display should no more turn to black-and-white at each video change.
  • The generator now includes a distinction between the receiver and the remote itself.
  • Added support for external USB SmartMedia and CompactFlash cards readers.

Hope you’ll be pleased with this release, ’cause the next one will kick-ass 🙂 By the way, we’re still lacking support in several areas. More than ever, we need translators, designers, and documentation updaters. If you get some free time and want to help us, please let us know. Oh, and if you really like GeeXboX and want to be warned each time a new version is released, you can freely subscribe to our project page on Freshmeat (and let us gain some popularity at the same time, maybe one day we’ll rank at the top 🙂


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