GeeXboX 0.97: Birthday Edition

I think it was the hardest version to release but 0.97 has finally come, exactly one year after the first public release. As you may have noticed, our website was unreachable for some time in the last month and until only recently, some services were unfortunately down. Let’s clarify the situation. Our previous host ( ) has been attacked by hackers in January 2004 and decided to stop hosting free projects for an undefined period. Thanks to BWare, a member of the GeeXboX’s forum, we got the opportunity to get a nearly dedicated web server with lots of bandwidth. Many thanks to him, without whom our services wouldn’t have been restored at this time. More than ever, we need generous contributors and donators to help the project and prevent us from such a situation to happen once again. If you believe in our project, don’t hesitate to have a look at the appropriate section of this website.

Let’s stop with it, it’s now time to talk about the 0.97 release 🙂 For many reasons (like the one just above), the developement took really much more time that we could have wished. But you will be glad to know that this release comes with many new features that have been requested by users for a long time. By the way, one of the longest period between releases is the bug tracking phase. We often release developement versions of GeeXboX and you’re all welcomed to test them the most you can. Please remember that the most you are to test and to report bugs and the quicker will new versions be released.

So, as usual, here’s a quick changelog of the new features for which you’ve been waiting for so long :

  • Switch MPlayer to 1.0pre4
  • Support for Packard Bell Fast media remote and receiver.
  • Support for DXR3/Hollywood+ (MPEG1/2 hardware decoder) cards (TVOut only for now).
  • Support for S3 Virge GX2 TV Out.
  • Support for the Matroska container.
  • Support for the Nullsoft streaming video (NSV) container.
  • Support for PCI and USB WiFi network adapters (AiroNet, Atmel, and Prism2 chipsets).
  • Support for Serial ATA disks.
  • Support for 3COM/NetGear Gigabit ethernet cards.
  • Support for BT8x8 and Saa73134 cards (Composite and S-VHS inputs and TV tuners).
  • Support for audio/video streaming (Web-Radios etc …)
  • Access to the Internet through web gateways.
  • Added Telnet server for remote access.
  • Support for hardware video acceleration (VidiX) for EPIA-M (CLE266 chipset) and ATI Radeon 9xxx boards.
  • Support for VidiX for nVidia cards (EXPERIMENTAL : disabled by defaut).
  • Added the IrMan library.
  • Support for ATI Remote Wonder remotes through LIRC (better latency time and customizable key bindings).
  • Added an image viewer (FBI) with support for BMP, GIF, JPEG, PCD, PNG, PNM and PPM formats.
  • Switch from CVS revision control system to GNU Arch.

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