GeeXboX Xmas Edition: 0.96

It’s Christmas time ! So comes the new release, ready to be put under the Xmas tree 🙂 Most of the changes are essentially bug fixes and added hardware support just to please more and more users. Here’s part of the Changelog :

  • New remotes support (this feature was broken in previous release when used with the autoplay function).
  • Switch MPlayer to 1.0pre3 release and ALSA to 1.0rc2.
  • Support for DirectFB video mode.
  • Support for 3Dfx cards.
  • Support for USB devices hotplug.
  • Support for nForce Ethernet controller.
  • Support for NFS shares.
  • Support for Windows 2k/XP multi-boot manager.
  • Support for AniMAX remote.
  • Ready to boot network, using PXE method.
  • Russian font fix.
  • Added bulgarian, romanian, polish and german languages.

The GeeXboX team also provides you a live IRC chatroom, to share your experience with worldwide users about all yours suggestions or problems. Please connect to IRC server and join the #geexbox room.

This release is dedicated to our first generous donator (we’re sure he will recognize himself 🙂 for his xmas gift which will help us in further development. Besides, we want to thank you, users from all around the world, for using GeeXboX, we wish you a merry Christmas and hope you will continue using our software next year :-p


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