GeeXboX Halloween Edition: 0.95

Here it comes again ! GeeXboX releases take lots and lots of time but we’ve added a full list of new features and bug fixes, as usual. In this release, many compatibility problems have been solved and there’s the much-awaited support for soundcards with digital output. Look at this quick changelog :

  • Fix display problems with nVidia, SiS and Kyro graphic adapters.
  • Support for multi-subbed OGM files.
  • Added AutoPlay.
  • Added XCD support.
  • Added lots of translations (available in 11 languages).
  • Added support for Creative PC-DVD, Sony RM-S6 and RX-V850 remote controllers.
  • Added a GUI-Win32 version of the generator with many bugfixes.
  • Updated MPlayer to version 1.0pre2.
  • Replace OSS sound drivers by ALSA ones, with support for digital outputs.
  • Set resolution to 800×600 to fix some TV-Out bugs.
  • Fix the DVD playback problem.
  • Upgraded Samba to 3.0 with better WinXP shares support.
  • Better USB keys support and detection.
  • Added FTP server to easily modify GeeXboX’s configuration files or copy movies from the network.
  • Native support for QuickTime SVQ3, H264, ASV 1/2, Indeo, ATI VCR 1/2, and 3ivX codecs.
  • GeeXboX can be booted under Debug mode.

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