GeeXboX Summer Edition: 0.90-4

Here is GeeXboX’s new release 😉 It now comes with the 2 main features that were missing and requested : network support and hard disk installation. Take a look at the changes: 😉

  • Add a runtime subtitle file selector.
  • SysLinux bootloader has been replaced by IsoLinux, providing quicker boot with no more floppy emulation.
  • Add a TCP/IP and network ethernet support and autoconfiguration with DHCP client.
  • Add support and automount for all Windows shares (Samba support).
  • Add support for Leadtek TV2000 remote.
  • Add support for homemade LIRC receivers.
  • Add Italian, Czech and Slovak langage support.
  • Add a new theme (design and boot logo).
  • Add an easy HDD and USB keys installator (just hit install at boot prompt).

The GeeXboX’s website has also been modified to provide better user’s support and faster development :

  • This website is now accessible from
  • You can now subscribe to the developer mailing list to help for the development or to simply be aware of daily progress.
  • You can get the current development version from CVS.

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