GeeXboX Reloaded: 0.90-2

So you enjoyed 0.90-1 ? We listened to your requests and a new release has finally arrived. Since the day of the first public release, almost 15000 ISOs have been downloaded. We hope this one will do better. So here is the news :

  • Support for almost all PCI or motherboards integrated soundcards (ISA sound cards are still NOT supported at all).
  • Support for USB Keyboards
  • Support for SCSI CDROM and Disks and Adaptec SCSI controllers.
  • Support for FireWire/IEEE1394 CDROM and Disks (no HotPlug). EDIT: Seems to be broken 🙁
  • Support for NTFS FileSystem.
  • Support for S3 Savage cards’ TV-Out.
  • No more distinction between Standard and ACPI version.
  • Drives have been renamed for easier understanding.

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